AmericanHarvestUSA is fully-integrated Hemp Products & Services company.

We offer custom branding, packaging, labeling and fulfillment services for your Brand or Company.

Whether you're looking for Hemp Foods, Hemp Pharma Products or Hemp Fiber Goods, we are delighted to serve your hemp needs!
Our Services
Discover the Hemp Product that's right for you! 
Hemp seeds
Get the nuttiest, most delicious hemp seeds on the planet!
Hemp Seed Oil
This rich, nutty delicious hemp seed oil is a fabulous addition to almost any salad dressing, smoothie, or soap - among many other great uses!
Hemp Protein Powder
Enjoy this American Grown Highly nutritional, 50% hemp protein powder.
About Us
We are a Washington State company, supplying the world with quality industrial hemp foods, fibers, and pharma products!
If you require additional hemp services not posted here, please contact our
Washington , USA
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